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The Peabody vision for the former Stamping Plant site, Dagenham

Dagenham Dock is becoming the urban heart of the new neighbourhood, designed to connect the existing community and new residents. Starting with people, we are creating an exciting place, centred around sustainable social amenity, active uses and public realm. A diverse community will proudly live here, making the most of their lives through a variety of opportunities including wellbeing, learning and working.

The existing site

The existing site is currently a large, empty piece of brownfield land following the demolition of the Ford Stamping and Tooling operations plant.

How we included the communities comments into our masterplan

The existing site is currently a large, empty piece of brownfield land following the demolition of the Ford Stamping and Tooling operations plant. At Peabody we are committed to listening to the local community and incorporating your comments as we develop our masterplan.

Site masterplan: an overview

Peabody is proposing a major residential development centred around green space that connects with the existing community in Dagenham. It will provide community and commercial space alongside a new Secondary School and employment space.

High-quality homes

Peabody designs, builds and maintains homes and neighbourhoods which people are proud to live in. We invest in the areas where we operate over a long period of time – creating great places to live. We are proud to offer affordable homes and we are committed to social rent.

At the former Stamping Plant site we are proposing to deliver 3,502 high-quality homes, with 1,550 of them being affordable. These homes will be provided in a variety of brick-built styles and designs, including apartments, maisonettes and houses. All will have access to outdoor spaces and provide spacious living rooms connected to private amenity space.

A range of heights are being proposed, predominantly at 46.12m in heightbut including up to 68.84m close to Dagenham Dock Station.

Delivering open space throughout the masterplan

Our masterplan proposes a residential development that is centred on providing parkside living, nature and landscapes that benefit new and existing communities.

It will provide play space for children, give opportunity for friends to meet,offer quiet spaces for reflection and relaxation alongside plenty of room toexercise.

By clicking on the magnifying glasses below you can see what example images of we are proposing to deliver at each green space.

Main pedestrian route
Tree lined streets
Urban Park
Semi-private residential courtyards
Pocket Gardens
Central Green
Garden Streets
Green Link
Squares & Plazas

Space for the community to use is proposed throughout

During our first round of consultation we were told by Dagenham residents that they wanted us to provide space to meet with their friends, eat, drink and socialise.

In total we will be providing up to 4,400 sqm of commercial and community space that can provide for a variety of different uses. These could include:

Community meeting space
Family restaurant
Coffee shop
Health centre

Ensuring the site is accessible to everyone

We want to ensure that our site is as easy as possible to access and travel around, with all streets to be pedestrian and cycle friendly. We will be providing enjoyable walking routes, safe cycling space and a bus route that links us to the surrounding Dagenham community.

Delivering a sustainable development

During our first round of consultation we heard the importance of ensuring that our development is as sustainable as possible – a message young people gave to us especially.

We are committed to following the five principles below as we create a new neighbourhood in Dagenham:

Reducing carbon emissions through providing energy to power these efficient, easy-to-manage and comfortable homes

Making the right choices for designs, materials, partners, and processes shaped by enviromental and social responsibility

A home and community where people can lead happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyles

Provide habitats for London's valuable urban ecology alongside opportunities for people to benefit from Access to nature

A connected and diverse place where people can fulfil their potential and contribute meaningfully to sharing their community


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